The Arctic Indigenous Fund is happy to launch our website to give information about this new funding resource. We are moving forward to fund endeavours that support Indigenous Youth in the coming year. We also recognize that there are urgent needs during this unprecedented time. Please see the grants page for your region to see how each region is responding to Covid-19

What Indigenous Philanthropy means to us?

"Empowering and strengthening Indigenous communities by providing creative opportunities and experiences that promote culture, language and overall wellness."

-Shayla Snowshoe, Canada Advisor


"Using Todays economy to support Indigenous futures."

-Chandre Szafran, Alaska Advisor 

"Strong, healthy and creative Indigenous communities."

-Christina Henriksen, Sápmi Advisor

"Supportive, Indigenous health and wellbeing."

-Jana Angulalik, Canada Advisor

"Luohttit min servodagaid máhtu ja dáhtu"

"Trust in the knowledge and will of our communities."

-Marion Aslaksen Ravna, Sápmi Advisor

"Taking care of others in a way that is respectful and with dignity is important today, just as it has been in my family and in other families. Supporting ones self-sufficiency is important, while also recognizing that the ongoing legacies of oppression and inequality are very real for Indigenous peoples and others. We need to look at ways of healing and restoring balance. Perhaps having a little extra money to do good work yourself, in your own community is one way to support that."

-Dewey Kk'ołeyo Hoffman, Alaska Advisor

"Ajunngitsumik siunertalimmik aningaasaliineq"

"Giving funding to something with a good purpose"

-Tukumminnguaq Nykjaer Olsen, Greenland Advisor

Supporting thriving Indigenous communities in the Arctic

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