Funding will be available for Youth projects or existing organizations, and due to the current global situation, proposals aiming at strengthening and support youth and children during the COVID-19 situation will be prioritized.


Who are we granting to in 2021?

Our priority is the youth, yet we are also wanting to benefit Alaska Native cultures and communities. For example:

  • Languages

  • Art spaces

  • Rural and urban camps

  • Covid response

  • Youth activities


What we need from you?
Please fill out the attached form and email it to us
...or, just email us! Write a paragraph or so about what you are doing
...or, you could even just send a video recording and tell us what you need funding for!


Our email is


Please make sure to include the following in your submission:

  • What is your name and location?

  • Organization or project name (If there is one)?

  • What is the project purpose?

  • How does it benefit Alaska Native communities?


What is the deadline?

December 30, 2020



Please submit to our AIF email


              Enaa baasee' - Denaakk'e (Koyukon)                        'Awa'ahdah - Eyak                           Baasee' - Holikachuk                          Chin'an - Dena'ina

                 Dogedinh - Deg Xinag (Deg Hit'an)                       Nt'oyaxsn - Tsimshian                      Gunalchéesh - Tlingit                          Háw'aa - Haida

Igamsiqanaghalek - Siberian Yupik                            Basi' - Lower Tanana                       Mahsi' choo - Gwich'in                          Mahsi' - Hän Gwich'in

Mosiy' / Tsen'anh - Upper Kuskokwim                         Tsin'aen - Ahtna                               Tsin'ęę - Tanacross                                Tsen'ii (Upper Tanana)

                   Qagaasakung - Unangax (Aleut)                          Quyana - Yup'ik/Cup'ik                 Quyanaasinaq - Sugpiaq (Alutiiq)           Quyanaqpak – Inupiaq

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