Funding is available for Sámi Youth projects or existing organizations, and due to the current global situation, proposals aiming at strengthening and support Sámi youth and children during the COVID-19 situation will be prioritized.



Who are we granting to in 2020?

Sámi youth projects or existing Sámi youth organizations.


What we need from you?

  • Submit a Letter of Interest in 500 words or less.

  • Please tell us about the Sámi youth project and how Sámi youth will be engaged.

  • A 3-minute video or audio submission is also acceptable.


What to include in your letter?

  • What is your name, organizations name and location?

  • What is the project purpose?

  • What is your vision?

  • How it benefits Sámi youth?


How much are we granting?

The AIF intend to give out 4 grants at $30,000 each. This amount is flexible, please specify your grant needs:

  1. $10,000-$20,000

  2. $20,000-$30,000

  3. Other (Please specify)

Include the amount in your letter with a brief explanation of your grant needs. 


When is the deadline?

June 05, 2020


Please submit to our AIF email

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Sápmi Region for Grant.docx